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Acoustic Meditation is a Musical and Visual Journey by husband and wife duo of...  Todd Boston & Andrea Boston born from our love of creating music & music videos that inspire stillness and invoke a feeling of meditation and relaxation.

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Music is Medicine

Our music has been shown to improve health, induce relaxation, relieve stress and promote overall well being.

Music is Meditation

Listening to our music can help quiet & focus the mind to the present moment to feel alive, awake and loved.

Music Connects

Be a part of our community, join the creative process, interact with artists, inspire & be inspired by nature, music, art.


"I began listening to your music on a continuous loop whenever I write, whether in my studio or on a plane. There's something magical about what the music brings to my creativity."

~ Lois Wong (Writer)

"Your Sequoia Flute download was much appreciated. My wife had it playing all afternoon to her preschool class. She conveyed that the kids were calmed and relaxed by your beautiful energy..."

~ Malama Pono (Fan)

"Thank you for the amazing music you're creating. I listen to your music almost every day and am transfixed by its deep layers of meaning."

~ Brian Erwin (Fan)

"I am a yoga teacher from Australia and I am always searching for music to practice to and also to teach to. Lucky for me I stumbled across Todd Boston’s music. It is uplifting but at the same time calming and soothing."

~ Trish Peacock (Yoga Instructor)

Music, Nature, Art, Poetry, Inspiration

we invite you to join us


We are committed to making something that is not only musically and visually inspiring but serves your life in a positive way.  It is our hope that when you watch our videos and listen to our music you immediately become connected to your breath, feel a sense of calming, peace, transformation and connection to nature and the present moment.